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Trans-Pacific Cultural Studies
(SAGE Benchmarks in Culture and Society)

【編者】巽 孝之(慶應義塾大学教授、第16代日本アメリカ文学会会長)

Editor: Takayuki Tatsumi, Professor, Keio University

Foreword: Shelley Fisher Fishkin

2019年7月刊行 全4巻  1,208頁  ISBN 978-93-5328-458-9

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Shelley Fisher Fishkin

Editor’s Introduction:

Trans-Pacific Cultural Studies

Takayuki Tatsumi

Volume I: Trans-Pacific Americanism

  1. U.S.-Japan Literary Interactions in the Transpacific Cultural History
    Takayuki Tatsumi
  2. Asian Crossroads/Transnational American Studies Shelley
    Fisher Fishkin
  3. Historical Lessons in Asian-American Relations: Searching for Inter-Civilizational Dialogue
    Daizaburo Yui
  4. A New Perspective on American History from the Other Side of the Pacific
    Jun Furuya
  5. Toward a Pacific Civilization
    Gary Y. Okihiro
  6. Reprogramming Memories: The Historicization of the Vietnam War from the 1970s through the 1990s
    Eikoh Ikui
  7. A Global Superpower or a Model of Democracy?: Images of America in Post-Cold War Japan
    Fumiko Nishizaki
  8. Chop Suey as Imagined Authentic Chinese Food: The Culinary Identity of Chinese Restaurants in the United States
    Haiming Liu
  9. To Clear Up a Cloud Hanging on the Pacific Ocean: The 1927 Japan-U.S. Doll Exchange
    Rui Kohiyama
  10. A Tragedy of Democracy: Japanese Confinement in North America
    Greg Robinson
  11. The Transnational Artists Yun-Fei Ji, Hung Liu, and Zhang Hongtu: Globalization, Hybridity, and Political Critique
    Joyce Brodsky
  12. The Archipelagic Black Global Imaginary: Walter White’s Pacific Island Hopping
    Etsuko Taketani
  13. Witnessing Atrocity, Auto-bio-graphy: Wing Tek Lum’s The Nanjing Massacre: Poems
    Gayle K. Sato
  14. Black Bottom of Modernity: The Racial Imagination of Japanese Modernism in the 1930s
    Keiko Nitta

Volume II: Trans-Pacific Literary Studies

  1. Literary History on the Road: Transatlantic Crossings and Transpacific Crossovers
    Takayuki Tatsumi
  2. Editors’ Introduction: New Perspectives on “The War-Prayer”
    Shelley Fisher Fishkin and Tatsumi Takayuki
  3. Mark Twain’s “The War-Prayer” – Reflections on Vietnam and Iraq
  4. The Realm of an Empire and the Reach of Empathy: Reconsideration of Humanism in Mark Twain’s “The War-Prayer”
    Arimitsu Michio
  5. Mark Twain and Gensai Murai: A Japanese Inspiration for “The War-Prayer”
    Kevin Mac Donnell
  6. The Transpacific Gaze in Tropic of Orange
    Gayle K. Sato
  7. The Melancholy Melodrama of “Honorary Whiteness”: The Case of Yuasa Katsuei’s Colonial Fiction
    Mary A. Knighton
  8. Herman Melville’s “Pequot Trilogy”: The Pequot War in Moby-Dick, Israel Potter, and Clarel
    Yukiko Oshima
  9. Rethinking Cultural Awareness Toward Nature: Oriental Animals in Herman Melville’s Clarel
    Mikayo Sakuma
  10. Japanese Ishmael: “John” Manjiro Nakahama Crossing the Vital Year 1850
    Arimichi Makino
  11. Onoto Watanna’s Japanese Collaborators and Commentators
    Yuko Matsukawa
  12. “Will White Man and Yellow Man Ever Mix?”: Wallace Irwin, Hashimura Togo, and the Japanese Immigrant in America
    Yoshiko Uzawa
  13. Surviving the Perpetual Winter: The Role of Little Boy in Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle
    Nagano Fumika
  14. Absent Presence as a Nonprotest Narrative: Internment, Interethnicity, and Christianity in Hisaye Yamamoto’s “The Eskimo Connection”
    Rie Makino
  15. Pioneer Narrative of an Internee Girl: Cynthia Kadohata’s Weedflower (2006) and Nikkei Reclaim for the American West
    Yukari Kato
  16. The Imaginary Space in Indian-American Fiction: A Catalyst for Rebellion in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland
    Shunsuke Shiga
  17. Beyond K’s Specter: Chang-rae Lee’s A Gesture Life, Comfort Women Testimonies, and Asian American Transnational Aesthetics
    Belinda Kong
  18. Global America Revisited: Ezra Pound, Yone Noguchi, and Modernist Japonisme
    Anita Patterson
  19. There Is Nothing Grittier Than a “Grunt’s Eye View”: American Comic Books and the Popular Memory of the Vietnam War
    Richard Young

Volume III: Science Fiction and Cyber Culture

  1. A Soft Time Machine: From Translation to Transfiguration
    Takayuki Tatsumi
  2. Horror and Machines in Prewar Japan: The Mechanical Uncanny in Yumeno Kyûsaku’s Dogura magura
    Miri Nakamura
  3. Two Essays on Science Fiction
    Abe Kôbô
  4. From Parody to Simulacrum: Japanese SF, Regionalism, and the Inauthentic in the Early Works of Komatsu Sakyō and Tsutsui Yasutaka
    William O. Gardner
  5. Sakyo Komatsu’s Planetary Imagination: Reading Virus and The Day of Resurrection
    Tatsumi Takayuki
  6. Japanese SF, Its Originality and Orientation (1969)
    Kôichi Yamano
  7. “Collective Reason”: A Proposal (1971, rev. 2000)
    Shibano Takumi
  8. Space, Body, and Aliens in Japanese Women’s Science Fiction
    Kotani Mari
  9. Has the Empire Sunk Yet? – The Pacific in Japanese Science Fiction
    Thomas Schnellbächer
  10. Techno-Orientalism with Chinese Characteristics: Maureen F. McHugh’s China Mountain Zhang
    Christopher T. Fan
  11. “Great Wall Planet”: Introducing Chinese Science Fiction
    Yan Wu
  12. On the Mythologerm: Kalpavigyan and the Question of Imperial Science
    Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay
  13. Crossing the Border: The Depiction of India in Ian McDonald’s River of Gods and Cyberabad Days
    Suparno Banerjee
  14. Alternate Histories of Korean National Sovereignty in 2009: Lost Memories
    Duy Lap Nguyen
  15. Xenogenesis: Monstrous Mothers and Evolutionary Horrors in Contemporary Japanese Science Fiction
    Raechel Dumas
  16. The I Ching and Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle
    Paul Mountfort

Volume IV: Cool Asia

  1. Introduction to Three Asias: Japan Invisible Asias, Other Japans
    Takayuki Tatsumi
  2. Storming the Floating World of Postmodern Hyperreality
    Larry McCaffery
  3. Introduction to New Japanese Fiction
    Larry McCaffery and Sinda Gregory
  4. Under the Blue Sky of Iowa: Those Who Write in Their Own Language
    Minae Mizumura
  5. On the Monstrous Planet, Or How Godzilla Took a Roman Holiday
    Takayuki Tatsumi
  6. The Japan Fad in Global Youth Culture and Millennial Capitalism
    Anne Allison
  7. Doll Beauties and Cosplay
    Mari Kotani
  8. Shin Takahashi’s Tom Sawyer: A Japanese Manga Adaptation
    Tsuyoshi Ishihara
  9. Little House in the Far East: The American Frontier Spirit and Japanese Girls’ Comics
    Hisayo Ogushi
  10. Where Is My Place in the World? Early Shōjo Manga Portrayals of Lesbianism
    Fujimoto Yukari
  11. Tezuka Is Dead: Manga in Transformation and Its Dysfunctional Discourse
    Itō Gō and Miri Nakamura
  12. Invasive Species: Manga’s Insect-Human Worlds
    Mary A. Knighton
  13. The Animalization of Otaku Culture
    Azuma Hiroki and Thomas LaMarre
  14. Tracking the Mystery Man with the 21 Faces
    Marilyn Ivy
  15. The Sacrificial Economy of Cuteness in Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space
    Emily Raine
  16. What Can a Vocaloid Do? The Kyara as Body without Organs
    Sandra Annett
  17. Martyrs, Apostates, and the Modern Japanese Subject
    Rebecca Suter
  18. City Botany: Reading Urban Ecologies in China through Amitav Ghosh’s River of Smoke
    Kanika Batra