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Handbook of Clinical Child Psychology : Integrating Theory and Research into
Practice (Autism and Child Psychopathology Series)

Editor: Johnny L. Matson, Department of Psychology, Louisiana State University,
Baton Rouge, USA  2023:06  1,135 p.  ISBN 978-3-031-24925-9 EUR534.99
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Part Ⅰ. Foundations of Clinical Child Psychology
1 History of Clinical Child Psychology (Michaela Brown, Johnny L. Matson, and Celeste Tevis)
2 Developmental Psychopathology (Christopher T. Barry, Hyunah Kim, and Brianna M. Halter)
3 Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Child Psychology (Katherine Wislocki, Nicole S. Keller, Kelsie H. Okamura, and Emily M. Becker-Haimes)
4 The WHO International Classification of Diseases 11th Revision (ICD-11) (John-Joe Dawson-Squibb, Eugene Lee Davids, Marisa Viljoen, Kirsty Rice,
and Dan J. Stein)
5 DSM-5 and Clinical Child Psychology (Allison Smith Dupré and Paul Spano)
6 NIMH’s Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) and Clinical Child Psychology (Eugene Cozza, Justin Spring, Carver Nabb, and Stewart Shankman)
7 Child and Youth Psychopathology: Ethics and Legal Considerations (Gerald Young and Maureen C. Kenny)
8 Parental Stress in Raising a Child with Mental Health and Behavior Problems (Songtian Zeng, Lynn Yuan, Yujin Lee, Yiyang Guan, Katherine Volk, Margaret O’Riordan, and Angela K. Stone-MacDonald)
9 Parental Substance Use (Janina Dyba, Diana Moesgen, and Michael Klein)
10 Parental Separation and Divorce: Risk and Protective Factors and Their Implications for Children’s Adjustment (Karey L. O’Hara, C. Aubrey Rhodes, Rana N. Uhlman, Irwin N. Sandler, and Sharlene A. Wolchik)
11 Irritability (Emily Hirsch, Margaret Benda, Robert W. Garvey, and Amy Krain Roy)
12 A Crisis in the Opportunity to Learn: Addressing the Causes and Consequences of Missing School (J. Jacob Kirksey and Joseph Elefante)

Part II Cognition and Clinical Child Psychopathology
13 Executive Function in Children and Adolescents: A Concept in Need of Clarity (Gillian England-Mason and Deborah Dewey)
14 Theory of Mind (Derek E. Montgomery, Virginia Tompkins, and Joann P. Benigno)
15 Theories of Intelligence (Matthew J. Euler, Julia V. Vehar, and Jasmin E. Guevara)

Part III Testing Methods in Clinical Child Psychology
16 Intelligence Tests (Jacqueline M. Caemmerer, Stephanie Ruth Young, Eunice Blemahdoo,and Emily Louise Winter)
17 Measures of Adaptive Behavior (Alferi Paolo, Federica Alice Maria Montanaro, Cristina Caciolo, Francesca Cumbo, Francesco Scibelli, and Stefano Vicari)

Part IV Treatment Methods in Clinical Child Psychopathology
18 Applied Behavior Analysis: Conceptual Foundations, Defining Characteristics, and Behavior-Change Elements (Skylar C. DeWitt, Andrea M. Stephens, and Adam M. Briggs)
19 Functional Assessment (Joshua Jessel and Catherine Jessel)
20 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with Children and Adolescents (Eili N. Riise, Bente Storm Mowatt Haugland, and Gro Janne H. Wergeland)
21 Classical Conditioning (Christiane Hermann and Matthias F. J. Sperl)
22 Mindfulness (Hay Ming Herman LO)
23 Family Therapy (Alan Carr)
24 Parent Training (Beatriz Rodriguez, James D. Lynch, and Heather A. Ciesielski)
25 Psychotropic Medication (Paige A. Weir, Celeste Tevis, and Johnny L. Matson)
26 Prevention Strategies: Prevention and Promotion in Child Mental Health (Kellyn N. Blaisdell, Sarah R. Horn, and Philip A. Fisher)

Part V Assessment of Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Children
27 Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (Thomas E. Myers and Shane S. Bush)
28 Assessment of Intellectual Disabilities (ID) and Comorbid Disorders in Children (Mark R. McGowan and Jenna M. Hennessey)
29 ADHD (Kirsten Neprily, Courtney Miller, Emma Charabin, Kristina Jelinkova, and Emma A. Climie)
30 Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder Ashley N. Creem, Kristine A. Rodriguez, Brittany J. Hillhouse, Rebekah Lee, and Justin B. Leaf)

Part VI Treatment of Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Children
31 Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (Devon M. White, Katerina Baeza-Hernandez, Christine Isotalo, and Grace W. Gengoux)

Part VII Assessment and Treatment of Pediatric Disorders
32 Toilet Training (Jean-Jacques Wyndaele and Alexandra Vermandel)
33 Somatic Syndromes: Assessment and Treatment for Children and Adolescents (Maria Kangas)
34 Pediatric Cancer (Kendra R. Parris, Jennifer M. Allen, and Niki Jurbergs)
35 Health-Related Fitness During Early Years, Childhood, and Adolescence (Antonio García-Hermoso)

Part VIII Assessment and Treatment of Challenging Behaviors in Children
36 Defining Aggression: Form and Function (Paula J. Fite, Elizabeth C. Tampke, and Rebecca L. Griffth)
37 Self-Injurious Behavior (Lesley A. Shawler, Jessica L. Becraft, and Louis P. Hagopian)
38 Noncompliance (David A. Wilder and Ronald J. Clark)
39 Trichotillomania (Hair-Pulling Disorder) (Julio Torales, Osvaldo Melgarejo, Iván Barrios, João Mauricio Castaldelli-Maia, and Antonio Ventriglio)
40 Oppositional Defiant Disorder (Jordan A. Booker)

Part IX Assessment and Treatment of Childhood Adjustment
41 Play Skills (Sarah Wilkes-Gillan, Yu-Wei Ryan Chen, and Reinie Cordier)
42 Evidence-Based Interventions to Teach Social Skills (Shannon M. Arthur, Ashley N. Creem, Shanna Bahry, Jessica Cauchi, and Justin B. Leaf)
43 Language Development and Disorders: Guidelines for Assessment and Treatment (Rebekah N. Lee, Ashley N. Creem, Kristine A. Rodriguez, and Justin B. Leaf)
44 Functional Communication Training (Reem Muharib and Emily Gregori)
45 Internet Gaming Disorder (Kristyn Zajac, Meredith K. Ginley, Lourah M. Kelly, and Rocio Chang)
46 COVID-19 and Children’s Mental Health (Chavez Phelps, Annie Liner, Linda Sperry, Richmond Amakye, and Zakiya Austin)

Part X Assessment of Psychopathology in Children
47 Assessment of Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents (Paige Adenuga, Paige Picou, Allison Smith Dupré, and Thompson E. Davis III)
48 Depression Assessment (Samantha Pegg, Haley E. Green, Irena Kesselring, Katie L. Burkhouse, and Autumn Kujawa)

Part XI Treatment of Psychopathology in Children
49 Treatment of Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents (Paige Picou, Paige Adenuga, Allison Smith Dupré, and Thompson E. Davis III)
50 Nonsuicidal Self-Injury in Children and Adolescents (Nicholas J. Westers)
51 Understanding Selective Mutism: A Comprehensive Guide to Assessment and Treatment (Maria Ivanka Milic, Talia Carl, and Ronald M. Rapee)