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Handbook of Cliometrics

Editors: Claude Diebolt, CNRS Research Professor of Economics at the University of Strasbourg & Michael Haupert, Professor of Economics at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

3rd ed.  2024:06 3 vols. 2,826 p. ISBN 978-3-031-35582-0 EUR 999.99
(Springer) –DE-


20世紀後半から発展した「計量経済史」は、経済学理論や数学的手法を駆使して経済史を再構成する研究手法で、数量経済史あるいはクリオメトリックスとも呼ばれています。本書は、計量経済史に特化した初のレファレンスとして好評を得たハンドブックの5年ぶりの増補改訂版です。(初版2015年 / ISBN 9783642404054 → 第2版2019年 / ISBN 9783030001803)






Volume 1

Part I: History

  • History of Cliometrics
    Michael Haupert
  • The Contributions of Robert Fogel to Cliometrics
    David Mitch
  • Douglass North and Cliometrics
    Sumner La Croix
  • Economic History and Economic Development: New Economic History in Retrospect and Prospect
    Peter Temin
  • Economic History as Humanomics
    Deirdre Nansen McCloskey
  • Ranking Economic History Journals
    Martina Cioni, Giovanni Federico, and Michelangelo Vasta

Part II: Clio around the World

  • Cliometrics and the Study of Canadian Economic History
    Ian Keay and Frank D. Lewis
  • Cliometric Contributions to Australia’s Economic History
    Edwyna Harris and Sumner La Croix
  • Cliometrics, the Russian Empire, and the Soviet Union
    Amanda Gregg
  • Cliometrics and the Study of German History
    Tobias A. Jopp and Mark Spoerer
  • Economic History of French Canadians
    Vincent Geloso
  • Cliometric Approaches to Central, East, and South-East Europe
    Matthias Morys

Part III: Human Capital .

  • Human Capital
    Claudia Goldin
  • Labor Markets
    Robert A. Margo
  • The Human Capital Transition and the Role of Policy
    Ralph Hippe and Roger Fouquet
  • Education and Socioeconomic Development during the Industrialization
    Sascha O. Becker and Ludger Woessmann
  • Gender in Economic History
    Joyce Burnette
  • International Migration in the Atlantic Economy 1850–1940
    Timothy J. Hatton and Zachary Ward
  • Cliometrics and the Concept of Human Capital
    Charlotte Le Chapelain
  • Age-Heaping Based Human Capital Estimates
    Franziska Tollnek and Joerg Baten
  • Church Book Registry: A Cliometric View
    Jacob Weisdorf
  • Fertility and Family Dynamics
    Laura Salisbury
  • Community Networks in Trade and Industry in South and Southeast Asia
    Bishnupriya Gupta

Part IV: Growth

  • Cliometrics of Growth
    Claude Diebolt and Faustine Perrin
  • Preindustrial Economic Growth: ca. 1270–1820
    Alexandra M. de Pleijt and Jan Luiten van Zande
  • The Industrial Revolution: A Cliometric Perspective
    Gregory Clark
  • The Antebellum US Economy
    Gavin Wright
  • Economic-Demographic Interactions in European
  • Long-Run Growth
    James Foreman-Peck
  • The Golden Age of European Economic Growth
    Nicholas Crafts
  • GDP and Convergence in Modern Times
    Emanuele Felice
  • Cliometric Approaches to International Trade
    Markus Lampe and Paul Sharp
  • Market Integration
    Giovanni Federico
  • A Window to the Past: Living Standards in Historical Perspective
    Leticia Arroyo Abad and Kathryn Gary
  • British Economic Growth and Development
    Stephen Broadberry
  • Urban Growth
    Louis P. Cain
  • Regional and Urban Development in Europe
    Sibylle Lehmann-Hasemeyer and Fabian Wahl
  • Religion and Cliometric Analysis
    Jared Rubin
  • Labor Share, Capital Share, and Rents: A Macrohistorical Perspective
    Guillaume Bazot and David Guerreiro

Volume 2

Part V: Institutions

  • African-American Slavery and the Cliometric Revolution
    Richard Sutch
  • Institutions
    Philip T. Hoffman
  • Political Economy
    Mark Koyama
  • Merchant Empires
    Claudia Rei
  • Colonial America
    Joshua L. Rosenbloom
  • Property Rights to Frontier Land and Minerals:
  • US Exceptionalism
    Gary D. Libecap
  • Major Water Infrastructure and Institutions in the Development of the American West
    Zeynep K. Hansen and Scott E. Lowe
  • The New Institutional Economics and Cliometrics
    Eric Alston, Lee J. Alston, and Bernardo Mueller
  • Cliometrics of Cotton
    Susan Wolcott

Part VI: Money, Banking, and Finance

  • Early Capital Markets
    Ann M. Carlos and Stephen Quinn
  • Origins of the U.S. Financial System
    Richard Sylla and Robert E. Wright
  • Cliometrics and Antebellum Banking
    Hugh Rockoff and Weinan Yan
  • Financial Markets and Cliometrics
    Larry Neal
  • Financial Systems
    Caroline Fohlin
  • The Cliometric Study of Financial Panics and Crashes
    Matthew Jaremski
  • Payment Systems
    John A. James
  • Interest Rates
    Eric Monnet
  • The Great Depression in the United States
    Christopher Hanes
  • Central Banking
    Jon Moen
  • Sovereign Debt
    Mauricio Drelichman
  • Corporate Governance
    Carsten Burhop
  • The Lender of Last Resort Under the Microscope, c. 1840–1930
    Kilian Rieder
  • Bimetallism
    Angela Redish
  • Colonial Monetary Systems
    Farley Grubb
  • The International Monetary System in the (Very) Long Run
    Barry Eichengreen and Nathan Sussman

Part VII: Health and Welfare

  • Anthropometrics
    Richard H. Steckel
  • Wealth and Income Inequality in the Long Run of History
    Guido Alfani
  • Agricliometrics and Agricultural Change in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
    Vicente Pinilla
  • Nutrition, the Biological Standard of Living, and Cliometrics
    Lee A. Craig
  • Improvements in Health and the Organization and Development of Health Care and Health Insurance Markets
    Gregory T. Niemesh and Melissa A. Thomasson
  • Cliometrics of Child Health
    Kota Ogasawara
  • Epidemics and Pandemics: From the Justinianic Plague to the Spanish Flu
    Guido Alfani
  • Poverty, Insecurity, and Social Welfare Policy
    George R. Boyer
  • Cliometrics of Health Spending
    Livio Di Matteo
  • Capital, Productivity, and Human Welfare Since 1870
    Daniel Gallardo-Albarrán

Volume 3

Part VIII: Government

  • Energy and the Environment in Economic History
    Karen Clay
  • Cliometrics and the Great Depression
    Price Fishback
  • Cliometric Approaches to War
    Jari Eloranta and Philip T. Hoffman
  • War and Cliometrics in an Age of Catastrophes
    Roger Ransom
  • Political Coercion and Cliometrics
    Øivind Schøyen

Part IX: Innovation and Creativity

  • Innovation in Historical Perspective
    Stanley L. Engerman and Nathan Rosenberg
  • The Cliometric Study of Innovations
    Jochen Streb
  • Arts and Culture
    Karol Jan Borowiecki and Diana Seave Greenwald
  • Cliometric Approaches to Creativity: Patents, Prizes, Copyrights, and Trademarks
    Zorina Khan

Part X: Transportation and Travel

  • Transport Networks
    Federico Pablo-Martí
  • Railroads
    Jeremy Atack
  • Clio on Speed
    Dan Bogart
  • Travel and Tourism
    Thomas Weiss and Brandon Dupont

Part XI: Technique and Measurement

  • Statistical Inference
    Thomas Rahlf
  • Trends, Cycles, and Structural Breaks in Cliometrics
    Terence C. Mills
  • Path Dependence
    Douglas J. Puffert
  • Analytic Narratives
    Philippe Mongin
  • Spatial Modeling
    Florian Ploeckl
  • Historical Measures of Economic Output
    Alexander J. Field
  • The Census of Manufactures: An Overview
    Chris Vickers and Nicolas L. Ziebarth
  • Decolonizing with Data
    Johan Fourie and Nonso Obikili
  • Digital Methods in Economic History: The Case of Computational Text Analysis
    Lino Wehrheim
  • Quantitative Economic Geography and Economic History
    Julio Martinez-Galarraga, Javier Silvestre, and
  • Daniel A. Tirado-Fabregat
  • How Machine Learning Will Change Cliometrics
    Peter Grajzl and Peter Murrell
  • Historical Datasets
    Leonardo Ridolfi